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Americas Major Divide-Race vs Poverty

The Number One Divide In America America exists today as one of the most intriguing countries in the world, primarily due to the preponderance of positives and negatives that constitutes the general perception of the entire nation as a whole. The United States Is known for its dominant history In a militaristic sense, only having one war fought on Its on soil. It Is also known In economic terms, still widely considered today as the world’s sole remaining “superpower”, a title that was once shared with the Soviet Union before its collapse.

Most recently It has gained prominence in regards to social life because of the country technological advancements, that now actively promotes social media in all aspects of life (for example the workplace and schools) which subsequently allows people from all over the country to connect. Despite the amount of benefits there are of living In America, there are also negatives that have been predominantly affecting the country for hundreds of years that are still in existence today.

These unfavorable aspects are significant because there existence alone vividly contradicts the received ideal foundation that America was built upon. The idea that all men are created equal, and are given unalienable rights, most importantly life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is what America wanted its basis to be. However, America’s past, present and future all seem to be strongly digressing from these Ideas, and the most controversial aspects that have been dividing the country since Its existence are race and poverty. Throughout certain times in American history, one divide has been more prevalent than the other.

The general consensus by Americans would be that he race war that occurs in America on a daily basis is the central reason for division in America. Some experts would argue though that this has now changed, and that poverty Is the leading cause for separation In the country. When unbiased examined however, one could see that this argument Is ludicrous due to the fact that the race war Is the root of the majority of hitches that negatively affect the nation today, almost every problems that is prevalent in America can been linked to the race war that began during slavery times.

The race war isn’t a battle between two sides hectically fighting each other, but actually a struggle for one side vying for survival against the other, and this is why race is the number one divide in the country today. The mall problem that have arisen from the race war since Its Initiation, which occurred during slavery times, has been the dally practices of discrimination specifically in reference racism. In the most prominent areas of life the effects of racism is vividly seen.

In the workforce, there is a biased competition that occurs between the various types of races that live in America, with Caucasians being the ace on top of the competition. This results in other races typically losing the opportunity to secure employment in certain types of Jobs, and causes them to settle for work In other forms of Jobs that usually pay less and have fewer benefits. But implemented to even the playing field for the competition.

However even these acts can be viewed as biases because they allow candidates who may be less qualified for a Job to actually get hired over another more qualified applicant simply due to the fact that his race is usually not hired. The inability by employers to fairly use a set of tankards that unbiased gives every applicant an equal chance to obtain employment contributes to the race war and its division of America.

Unfortunately, the bias that occurs in the workforce that leads applicants to work for a lesser means of pay or even unemployment can directly be attributed to the by- products of racism that affects a large majority of the school systems in place in America. If one was to Juxtapose the education that predominately minority school students receive with the education that mainly Caucasian students receive, the clear extinction can be made between the levels of proficiency that a large majority of Caucasian students have over the minority students.

This difference in proficiency can be credited to a myriad of things, but the most important ones to note are the type of teachers that work at the schools, the type of facilities the schools have, the type of resources that are available to the students, and the school’s overall attempt to set guidelines for faculty to create an environment that would undoubtedly mold students into an exceptional status by implementing reiteration of students to evolve studios, positive and productive habits in and outside of the classroom.

The minority student’s schools normally lack at least one if not all of these essential things that help develop a student and allow them to be successful after school, whether it be higher education or not. This unfair advantage in education not only attributes to the biases in the workforce, but also to the race war as well. However, despite the vivid connection that the race war has with the majority of issues that have been plaguing America almost since its start as a country, some experts still have the audacity to claim that the cause for the divide in America is shifting from race to poverty.

The reason why this claim can be viewed as preposterous is because the presence of poverty and separation between the social classes are a direct result of the race war. When the African American population was brought to America during the slave trade, they arrived to America with practically any possessions and were forced to work as slaves for the Caucasian race. Society viewed African Americans as 3/oaths of a person, and this treatment continued even when slavery ended.

The abolishment of slavery eventually led to the Great Migration in which a vast number of Africa Americans moved to the north in order to receive better Jobs and treatment than what they were getting in the south. This migration led to many African American families struggling, in the south families were unable to strive with the departure of many members of their family to the north, and families up north were incapable of starting a successful life in the north due to the various hardships they faced in the north, particularly in regards to the inferior schooling and employment opportunities that was referenced in the previous paragraphs.

The inability of African American families, and the other minorities that faced similar problems in America, to have a prosperous start in the country has led to a vast majority of these families to be subjected to the negative aspects of living in the lower and sub middle social class. These aspects vary from crime, deplorable from improving their situation. This vividly shows that poverty is directly linked to racism and therefore can’t be the main divide because race is the clear factor.

These instances exemplify why the race war will continue to be the leading cause in division between Americans and not poverty. And unfortunately until these issues are addressed, this divide will continue to exist, which isn’t preferable because the divide has the potential to adamantly grow to a point in which there can never be a reconnection. If America ever wants to live up to the ideal principles and foundation that the country was meant to be built upon and represent, then there has to be a digression on the secondary problems like poverty and central focus placed on the number one divide, race.