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Causes of poverty

Causes of Poverty Hattie Earplug I think all the resources on earth serve humanity, when they are processed properly and they are distributed equally . Unfortunately, Most of the people in the world think only of their own interests in community. They act individually, that is to say, They are so selfish and cruel that the world is turning/rotating/revolving around them. When this kind of people exploit lots of sources inequitably, other people are deprived of even basic necessities. As a result of this, poverty occurs in society.

The fundamentalists of poverty can be cited as social inequality and natural disasters such as droughts and flooding which can result in destitution as out of control of human beings. To begin with, Lets talk about social inequality. Each person doesn’t have the same opportunities. Whereas one part earn enough money to be able to afford to meet their needs such as food, health, a good education the another part can’t make the ends meet. Ignoring them is conducive to sore wounds. This can be mostly seen in underdeveloped countries.

The system by which ruled people is associative poverty as well. The wrong distribution of national Income accounts for shortfall in allocations. Another reason/ A further reason / A further factor conducive to poverty is droughts and flooding. Especially some parts of the world have to cope with these natural disasters. Droughts and flooding also lead to Infertile soil that gives rise to a shortage of foods. Depleted resources, which is the Indication of overriding poverty, Is the major reason underlying health problems. Inadequate food .. Count malnutrition. This Is a kind of vicious circle that must be reversed. But in this globalization world, It doesn’t seem to be solved when It Is collared with three first reason of poverty above. Moreover these natural calamitousness to destroy clean water resources and people shelters. In conclusion, It Is the fact that poverty wont be disappear as long as we don care for poor people and It will exist till the end of life on our planet. I don’t know where the power that enables us to wipe treason’s for poverty and make all people equal.