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Child Poverty

Poverty can affect people of all deferent ages, races, and ethnicity and also genders ND family patterns. Each group that Is affected by poverty Is usually carried by family pattern from each generation to the next, this makes social status very difficult (Macaroni, 2006). Even though poverty can affect all different types of people, the largest groups of people most affected by this Issue are children and women. Women and children make up a big 55 percent of the poverty population.

People still place blame as to why people are poor that believe that being poor is an endless battle and once a person is poor that will always be poor because its too hard to change their situation. Children are affected by poverty in many ways, food, health education and shelter many if not all of these children are exposed to violence. This is connected to the poverty in women. The beliefs of the causes of poverty according to the Encyclopedia of Women Gender (2001), “Individualistic beliefs focus on personality attributes. These beliefs include irresponsibility, lack of discipline and effort, or lower ability and talent.

Structuralism beliefs incorporate the larger socioeconomic system such as low wages for some Jobs, poor schools, prejudice, discrimination, and Job availability. Fatalistic beliefs as to the reasons for a person’s poverty status focus on such things as bad luck, chance, and fate. ” Poverty affects most women who are single mothers although these single mothers work they cannot receive assistant from the state because the make too much money but they don’t make enough money to care for their children alone. They are unable to provide themselves and children food clothing healthcare or even a roof over their heads.

The fact that they do not have health care directly affects children’s health. If a women cannot healthcare for herself while pregnant, there can be health issues that could occur ring and be passed on to the baby. When a child is born with no health care and health issues they will ultimately continue to go untreated This creates sadness for the single mother is unable to get health insurance for her and her family but also makes too much money for public assistance (Encyclopedia of Women and Gender (2001). Policies to the welfare system have been changed a lot in the 1996.

Assistance to families were cut without notices by the agencies. Women who had children under the age of one were the only people to get assistance without much trouble. Most of the states only allow people to receive assistance for no longer than two years. There are programs to help women get a Job and get off welfare although state minimum wage is not enough money to support a growing family. Unfortunately this means without welfare assistance the women and their children end up back in poverty (Encyclopedia of Women and Gender (2001).

According to Duncan, G. , Young, W. , Brooks-Gun,J. , and Smith,J. (1998), “there are many factors the most significant is the relation to the paternal social economic status and how it effects to the child’s and adults achievements. ” Most of the people that is in a poor social extra strain to the families which results in physical harm to children. Children that are born to families who struggle with supplying food and shelter and clothes tend to have to deal with extreme punishment and are blamed for the family situation.

Once these children are exposed to domestic violence and violence upon themselves this usually cycles from each generation to the next, this inability to break the cycle can be a factor of poor education. Living in a poor cities whether they are rural or urban in a kind of goes hand in hand with poor education. These families that are poor and have little to no none are accepted by other families in the same situation. These families that live in these communities seem to be stuck in their social status and cycle. These people are either afraid to get out of their status or do not know how to.

Some people do not think any different that their status if they have always known it this status and cycle is a normal way of life to them. According to Fantasize,J. , Focus, R. , Mohr, W. , & Perry, M. (2007), “during violence witnessed by children the perpetrators were more likely to be arrested then times when children were not present. ” The police officers felt that is was extremely important to end a message that violence is very wrong. Children who have dealt with domestic violence more likely to have serious developmental issues.

These children tend to have poor skills and act more withdrawn than others. There are quite a few agencies that are around to protect children from these dangerous situations, or could be considered a danger to others. Child protected services is one agency. The CAPS assist in placing children in safe homes to protect them from violence or from being neglected. Even though there is a lot of research that has been done on how violence affects children in poverty it is not accurately one on he full impact of violence and children.

According to Koch (2000), “The child poverty rate has declined slowly since 1993, and the rate of black child poverty is the lowest in history. But 13. 5 million American children still live in poverty the highest rate of any industrialized country. Conservatives attribute the decline to welfare reform, which forced millions of single welfare mothers to go to work. But child advocates like the Children’s Defense Fund say that progress in reducing child poverty has slowed markedly and that cuts in social service programs made the poorest families poorer. Today is seem the people who are rich get more and more money and being richer as time goes on, and the people who are poor seem to never get out of it and end up further under poverty seems to be. Families move to urban areas in hopes to get better opportunities for themselves and their families but this does not improve the quality of these families lives. These families move to urban areas in hopes to give their children a good chance to succeed that it doesn’t seem to work.

Some people believe that families suffer from being so dependent on welfare but in all honesty children suffer due to low wages and the sousing cost are so high so their parents cannot get ahead of the system. Without assistance from welfare these children will not eat or get medical care. Assistance from welfare helps parents provide food and shelter and clothes for their children when they do not have enough financial income to provide (Koch, 2000). United states is known as the most wealthiest country but even with all that wealth the United States also has the highest child poverty levels.

Most families that fall in the poverty category make minimum wage and will not be able to get out of the poverty level. With these implies they are usually poorly educated which affects their earnings. Some families do not have to try to better educate themselves due to the fact they are working two Jobs just to try to survive. Habits. Working low paying Jobs to supply their family with all the things they need to live, this is a pattern that will go on from each generation, these kids will put education far down on the list as well. (Koch, 2000).

There have been a few changes in the welfare law called Charitable Choice, this changes has made it easier for the government to contract with religious groups to help give services to the poor. There are many programs that this reform has help with Big brother/Big Sister which is a program that helps children see a different view of life by providing a positive role model to mentor and help encourage children from poor homes to stay in school, followed by college and to understand that they don’t have to continue their parents paths even though they come from a poor family.

This program also helps with children’s confidence and they also cut back first time drug uses by half and violent acts by a third. Even though faith based organizations cannot replace government programs these organizations overlap government services b y 75 percent which also includes medical aid, housing, help with bills for heating and water, as well as education programs to help people get a handle on things to provide for their families (Koch, 2000) are Most affected by poverty.

Children without proper care may become ill and some may die. The children who do live also receive poor education and may end up dropping out and do not get their high school diploma. A lot of the times these children drop out of school in order to get a Job in order to try to help their families with financial issues. Of course these jobs are low paying Jobs so the cycle doesn’t end there. This pattern will never end if these children cannot get the education they need.