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Child poverty

Child poverty Is becoming more of a big Issue now more than ever In the u. K, with so many people unemployed and living on benefits. Children across the country are being deprived of basic living standards. The price of living is going up and it’s no wonder people are struggling to make ends meet. In my essay, I will talk about all aspects of how child poverty impacts greatly on children’s lives. I will talk about the effects poverty has on a child’s health, housing, education and social exclusion.

I will also talk about how child poverty can be tackled, and the causes of child poverty with In the United Kingdom. Firstly, I would like to talk about what causes child poverty. An important factor that I came across while researching, was the unemployment/low paid Jobs could be a cause for concern. This may contribute to why children are being affected by poverty. According to CPA, “42 per cent of all families below the UK poverty line contained no working members”. Some people have a negative perception of females relying on benefits Instead of getting a Job.

There are numerous reasons for why parents Anton work and provide for their children. Some of these reasons are; health problems, career responsibilities, disabilities, while some encounter discrimination that acts as a barrier to work (CRAG, 2012). Other factors that cause child poverty could be parents who are alcohol or drug dependent. An article printed by the daily mall stated that, parental addiction, not income, Is main reason for child poverty. According to lain Duncan Smith “Giving more benefits to poor families will not address child poverty because too many Irresponsible parents will spend it on alcohol or drugs”, (Chapman,J. Daily mail, 2013). Although in the same article, chief executive, Alison Graham, of child poverty action group said “the fact that Children are much more likely to be in poverty today because they have a parent who is a security guard, care worker or cleaner than a drug addict or “FECKLESS”. So there seems to be a difference of opinions between the two, when It comes to the causes of child poverty relating to drug and alcohol dependence. The effects of child poverty have a huge impact on a child’s life. The fact that children in the U.

K are living below Asia standards of living is a cause of great concern (see appendix A). Children in poverty suffer in health, education and even social exclusion. Children growing up in poverty are more likely to leave school at 16 with fewer qualifications, (end child poverty, 2013). Another effect it has on a child living in poverty is their health. According to the End Child Poverty campaign “Poverty shortens lives. A boy in Manchester can expect to live seven years less than a boy In Barnett. A girl In Manchester can expect to live six years less than a girl in Kensington Chelsea and

Westminster. ” And apparently being from poor background can affect health in the fact babies are being born small, “poor children are born too small; birth weight is on average 130 grams lower in children from social classes IV and V. Low birth weight is closely associated with infant death and chronic diseases in later child or even death, according to child poverty. Org. Other factors of poverty are in the community where they live. Living in social housing and being social excluded is also an effect of poverty.

Child poverty action group have stated on their website that Children from low income families often forgo events that most of us would take for granted. They miss school trips; can’t invite friends round for tea; and can’t afford a one-week holiday away from home. ” The plans of the government and child poverty organization are to completely end child poverty with in the U. K. There are 150 children’s charities, welfare organizations, social Justice groups, faith groups, trade unions and others are working together as the Campaign to End Child Poverty to ensure that the unacceptably high levels of child poverty in the I-J are reduced.

And the government’s aim is to completely eradicate child poverty by the end of 2020, (end child poverty, 2013). To completely get rid of child poverty by 2020, the aim will be to; increase minimum wage, get more people back in to work, help more disadvantaged people to progress back to work, ensure education works for all children, and provide access to high quality of early years for every child who is from low income families. Conclusion Throughout my essay I found a lot of information on causes and effects that child poverty has on family lives.

Although there are help for families who are living in poverty, such as; child tax credits, child benefit and housing benefit, they are still struggling to make ends meet and are living below basic standards of living. I have found out that not only living in poverty can affect a child socially but can also affect their health. To think that children from different areas are more likely to die earlier than children from more affluent parts of the country is completely mad. Socially children living in poverty are also being let down educationally.

Possibly, the reason hat children are struggling at school, is because they are stressed with home life, and the struggles of having no money. I think that all the charities and organizations out there to help raise awareness of child poverty is a great way to eventually end it by 2020. People should care about ending child poverty because children shouldn’t be treated differently because of where they came from or what families they are born in to. Child poverty is not a choice! And children in the U. K living in poverty should not be suffering in health, education or even social exclusion.