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Children and Poverty in Us

It has been said that the united States Is the wealthiest nation In the world. When someone mentions poverty, people think of this being an issue in developing countries. Most people have come across someone in the United States that is showing some signs of poverty, whether it is hunger or homeless. Poverty in the United States is not like it is in other countries. Poverty in the United States for children is one that is hungry because their parents do not make enough money for much food.

This could be a single parent who works full time or even more than one bob to support the family but still cannot afford to get much food for the family. Poverty is an issue in the united States even though it has been called the wealthiest nation. Poverty not only happens in developing countries, it happens right here in our own backyard! Child poverty is an important issue in the United States. According to Wood (2003) “The child poverty rate Is the proportion of families where families with children have Income below the nationally established poverty line. ” In 2000 22% of the children In the united States were considered poor.

This was the highest poverty rate among all plopped countries. (Wood 2003) The united States needs to give attention to the children that are in poverty because these are the children that will be responsible for our country in the future. People are put into the poverty group when they do not make enough money to meet the basic needs. This would Include food, shelter, and clothing. These people work for low wages and they have unstable Jobs that they could lose at any time. These families will struggle to get by. It is the children of these families that are affected the most.

Poverty can play a part in a child’s education also. According to Schools for the homeless “gaining access to public schools can prove difficult for certain segments of the school age population. In particular, homeless children, who make up a rapidly growing portion of the population, often face significant barriers to enrolling In, attending, and succeeding In public schools. ” children need to attend school no matter what their poverty level is. Poverty also plays a role in children not having healthcare and could play a part in health problems of these children.

Children that live in poverty most likely will not participate in sports or after school activities. These children could end up being in trouble with the lay. Children who live In poverty may stay away from others because they are embarrassed about their situation. Children who live In poverty usually do not have a safe environment to grow up In. Some of these children may end up committing crimes in hopes of getting caught so they may have a better life. Low income families usually do not have much of a choice as to where they live or what school their child will attend.

These families have limited resources and have to just do the best they can. Most of these families are not offered healthcare through heir employment so they have to either let their children go without healthcare or healthcare they need. The United States uses an absolute standard to determine poverty rates. According to Dickens R & Elwood D (2003) “Not only does the US use an absolute rather than a relative standard, it also uses an absolute standard that is vastly lower than the 60% of median income used in Britain. ” The United States uses annual income to determine poverty. It also uses the gross income before housing cost.

The graph below shows the absolute poverty among children in Britain and the United States. Pick] Dickens R & Elwood D (2003) This graph shows the poverty level using the absolute standard. As you can see the poverty level is higher in the United States through every year this graph covers. The United States is a wealthy country so how can we have this much poverty each year? Could it be because we tend to help other countries before helping anyone in the United States? Don’t you think it is time to put a stop to child poverty in our own country? It is time something needs to be done.

There are thresholds set every year to determine the percentage of poverty in the United States. When a person’s income goes below the set threshold, they are said to be in poverty. These thresholds are different depending on the size of the family and how many children they have. The poverty level in the United States continues to grow. There is government that helps those that qualify but this is not always enough. Sometimes people need to help those in poverty. This could make a huge difference in a child’s life. Families should not have to rely on the government to help support their children.

I think if everyone gave money to help the needy of the United States like they do when other Mounties need it, there would be less poverty in the United States and less people getting help from the government. There are ways people can help to lower the poverty rate. Each community or neighborhood can start by helping kids that could be right down the street from them. Children would love to have people act like they care about them by trying to help them better their lives. Almost every community has organizations within their community that will help and assist these children and show them they are cared about.

This would probably make the day of a child that lives in poverty. The United States have families and children that could use the help here. These people could use help to prevent homelessness and prevent being made fun of then they go to school because they are not dressed as well as the children that do not live in poverty. The United States is always one of the first countries to Jump in and help with disasters in other countries, don’t you think it is time they started helping their own people? The children in the United States are the future of the United States.

You would think that the United States would want to help their own people before eloping another country. There are families and children living in poverty in the United States and it is time for everyone to take action to help put an end to it. The cries of help are right here, why travel to other countries to hear those cries. It is a good idea to help other countries, don’t get me wrong but I think the help should start right here at home. I think everyone in the United States should start by helping Poverty cannot be overcome in Just a day or two. It is something that will have to be worked on for a long period of time.

It will take every individual in the United States to commit to helping those in poverty. There are a lot of families including children that live in poverty. There is a huge amount of food resources available but there are a lot of these foods that are wasted every year. There are people that are in other countries that would have taken this food and I am sure the poverty stricken people in the United States would have taken this food so they could have more to eat. This wasted food could have been used to help feed the hungry that live right here in the United States rather than ending up in a landfill somewhere and going to asset.

It is a shame that we have to waste so much food when there are plenty of people right here that would gladly use it to feed their hungry families and children. Everyone that lives in the United States has rights. Some of these rights include having healthcare and the right to not live in poverty. Children should not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from or where they will be sleeping that night. Children should not have to wonder how much they will get made fun of at school each day because they do not have new clothes, or new shoes to wear.

The mime is here for the people of the United States to take a stand and help reduce the poverty rate right here at home. We need to start by improving the government assistance so it is better for those families. If everyone were to help, we could have the poverty rate drop in the United States more quickly than if there is no help offered. Something has to be done now to help the children in the United States. People are always saying that more needs to be done but nobody wants to step up and do anything. Now is the time for everyone to step up and offer the help that is needed.

The children are looking for help from those that are able to help. We all need to pitch in and help clean up around the neighborhoods, make sure everyone in our neighborhood has enough food for their family and make sure the children have decent clothes, shoes and supplies for school. All it takes is a little compassion and time to be able to help these families. Even the smallest task will be well appreciated by the families and the children. I am sure everyone could spare a few minutes each week Just to check and make sure poverty stricken families have everything they need.